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Welcome to San Marino Elementary School. What follows is important information concerning our school policies and procedures. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with this information and to discuss it with your children.

Topics are listed in ABC order.


The law says it compulsory for your son/daughter to attend school. It is the responsibility of parents or guardians to obey school attendance laws. Excessive absenteeism reflects upon the scholars’ grades and affects how they feel about school. Regular and punctual attendance is often closely associated with good scholarship and citizenship.


Because the law mandates instructional time, scholars must be in class the entire school day. Appointments should be made before or after school hours and vacations should be taken when school is out of session. Absences for vacation will be unexcused. After 10 consecutive days of unexcused absences, your child(ren) may be withdrawn from school.


Attendance at school and promptness in arriving at school are crucial in ensuring your child(ren)’s success at school. Even with make-up work, scholars who are absent cannot adequately make up the instruction from the teacher that they have missed. Frequent absences only multiply this problem. In addition, tens of thousands of dollars of income are lost by the school district each year due to excessive, unexcused absences. This lost revenue could have been used to directly benefit the children at our school. 


Tardiness is also a deterrent to success in school. A scholar who walks in late has not only missed some vital instruction, but has also disrupted the instructional process for the other scholars in the class. In addition, the minutes lost due to chronic tardiness, can add up to days of missed instruction if they are multiplied over a long period of time.


It is important for your scholar to attend school every day and on time. Scholars are to be in the morning line by 8:05am, otherwise they are marked tardy.  For scholars in grades 1-6, their morning line is at the Flag Ceremony area. This means scholars must be dropped off before 8:05am so that they have enough time to walk to the morning line. 


We do realize however that some absences and tardiness cannot be avoided. When your child(ren) is absent from school, please send a note with your child(ren) his/her first day back from being absent or call the San Marino Office to clear the absence. Also, if your scholar is tardy due to a doctor/dentist appointment, please bring a note from the doctor so that your child’s tardy will be excused. Any scholar who arrives late to school, for whatever reason, must check in at the office before going to class. Habitual tardies will be referred to the School Attendance Review Team (SART) or School Attendance Review Board (SARB) for more intensive assistance in making sure scholars arrive to school on time. School success goes hand in hand with good attendance. Please help your scholar build the habit of good attendance and schedule appointments outside of the school day or after core hours of instruction in the morning. Perfect attendance includes no absences, tardies, early or late pickup.


Tardiness: Scholars are considered tardy at 8:05 a.m. and the preschool gate is closed, therefore scholars have to enter through the main office and obtain a tardy slip to enter class. Any tardies will affect perfect attendance awards. In case of frequent tardiness, parents will be contacted. 


Absences: Each time your child is absent for any reason, you are required to notify the school by telephone 714-228-3280, and by sending a note when your child(ren) returns to school after the absence. Please include the date, the child(ren)’s name, the teacher’s name, the reason for the absence and your signature. Verification must be completed within five (5) school days of the scholars return to school.  If requesting homework, parents must call the office by 9:00 a.m. to ensure packets are ready for pick up between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00p.m.



To ensure the safety of our students during arrival and dismissal times, parents must use the Student Drop Off/ Pick Up Lanes by the yellow poles when transporting them. Please DO NOT park in the school parking lot or walk through the school parking lot during student release times as it is a very busy time. Parents may park in other areas near the school. There is student supervision for students 15 minutes before school begins and 15 minutes after school ends. Please do not drop off students before 7:50am unless they are participating in the breakfast program in which they may arrive at 7:30am. Please be sure to pick up your child from school within 15 minutes of dismissal. Daycare is available at a cost if you are unable to meet your child after school. Call 228-3153 for more information.


Pupils must be informed of expectations and rules so that they can act in a responsible and safe manner. Guidelines have been established for the classroom, cafeteria, and the playground. Please review the PBIS Behavior Plan.


Students in grades 3-6 may ride bicycles to school with parental permission. All students riding bicycles must provide their own locks, one per bicycle. Bicycles are to be locked to the bike rack only, not to another bicycle. Bicycles are to be walked on and off the school grounds, on sidewalks, and in the bicycle parking area. The bicycle area is off limits during school hours. Bicycles are not to be ridden through the parking lot or on the playground. It is recommended that new bicycles or bicycles with loose equipment not be brought to school. State Law requires a helmet be worn while riding a bicycle, a non-motorized scooter, or a skateboard.

If a student does not follow the rules set forth by the Governing Board:
Privileges will be revoked.
Parent will be required to come to school and take the child’s bicycle, scooter, or skateboard home or the child can take the bicycle or scooter home when a helmet is brought to school.
Parent and child will sign a revocation of privileges.


Students may possess electronic signaling devices/cell phones at school. All students in possession must have a signed agreement on file with the school office. All electronic signaling devices must be turned off while on campus during regular school hours (8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., during a school sponsored activity such as a field trip or day care, and in a crisis situation). The school and the School District assume no responsibility for the safety of an electronic signaling device with their child; the parent assumes responsibility for the child’s loss or damage of the electronic signaling device. Please see the agreement and sign off in the enclosed packet. If the signaling device goes off during the school day, or if the child is found using the device on school property, the device will be taken and the parent will need to retrieve it from the school office. A repeat incident will result in the student not being allowed to have the device on school property.


To provide a safe and secure environment for our students, San Marino’s campus is closed to everyone except student and authorized personnel during school hours. This means that only San Marino students and staff members are allowed on the playground, in the corridors, and in the outside pods during school hours. Parents are still encouraged to visit and volunteer, but we request that you follow school procedures and guidelines. As a visitor you must check in with the office. Your child’s safety is very important.

Unauthorized visitors standing on the playground, outside of classrooms, in the pods, or in the school corridors during the hours that school is in session (7:50 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.) will be asked to check-in at the school office. Playground equipment is only to be used by students under teacher supervision during those times.


Standards are established for the health, safety, and security of students while maintaining a classroom and campus atmosphere promoting orderly study and focus on learning. Extremes of dress which are distracting, dangerous, or inappropriate in a school setting are restricted.

a. Shoes must be worn at all times. Closed-toed shoes are required, primarily for safety during physical education and recess. Open footwear such as sandals and shoes with elevated heels are not appropriate for school.

b. Thin strapped tops (spaghetti) should be worn with an over blouse. Cropped or short tops are not appropriate for school. Tank tops cut low in the front, back, and/or under the arms or smaller than 2 inches at the shoulder are not acceptable.

c. Shorts worn by boys and girls must measure at least 3 inches on the inside seam. Shorts that are too tight, too short, and/or too high on the sides are not appropriate for school.

d. Shorts are recommended to be worn under skirts by girls to allow greater freedom on the playground apparatus activities. Shorts are not to be shorter than a girls arm length when her arms are extended straight down at her sides.

e. All clothing must be worn and fastened appropriately, ie: suspenders on the shoulders, shoelaces tied, pants fastened at the waist, etc.

f. Only stud-type earnings should be worn. Dangling earrings are considered dangerous due to the active nature of elementary age children.

g. Makeup (except sunscreen) is not appropriate for school. This includes spray-on hair dye or colored gels.

h. Hats may be worn on the playground as a protection from the elements. Hats must be worn in appropriate manner, i.e. brim forward. Printed messages should be in good taste. Any message of a derogatory nature is not to be worn at school. Clothing with references to alcohol, drugs, obscenity, or gangs is not acceptable. Clothing may not have images of a disturbing nature, including blood, skeletons and skulls.


The most important forms that you complete and return to school are the Emergency Information Cards, and the Pupil Information Card. These contain information that is vital to your child’s welfare and safety. In the event that your home phone, work phone, address or other information changes during the course of the year, notify the school office immediately so that the information can be changed on both forms. Any address changes will require new proof of residency. This information is to be given directly to the school office.

Each family enrolled must thoroughly complete the front and back of these cards. Please return the Pupil Information Card to your oldest child’s classroom teacher as soon as possible. Fill out and return a Student Emergency Card for each student. There is also an AUTHORIZATION FOR STUDENT RELEASE form in the package that is kept separately to be used in the case of a large scale disaster. We must have one of these forms for each child individually.

During the school year there may be changes in your employment or telephone numbers. The Centralia School District utilizes the Connect Ed Telephone PACE message system for important school messages as well as serving as an emergency network for instant communication. It is vital that telephone phone numbers are updated.

Keep a record of who you have listed as eligible to pick up your child. Please note all persons listed on your child’s emergency card should be persons who are able to pick up your child if you are unable to be reached. Students are released from the office only. Your child will be released only to those persons listed on the emergency card. Only persons listed on the emergency card will be able to pick up your child. NO EXCEPTIONS.

Please note that all medical information should be completed and is especially important if your child is injured. Although medication may not be given during school hours, it is important to list any medical condition your child may have. If medication is required during school hours, please see additional information under the Medication Policy


Education Code Section 48900 requires notices be sent informing parents of their right to permit or refuse their children engaging in certain school activities. These activities are listed and each parent is requested to complete the PARENTAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT and PARENTAL CONSENT form which is located on the Pupil Information Card.


The District is providing insurance information as a service and convenience for parents. Parents who wish to purchase insurance must deal directly with the insurance company. Forms available on our school website and in the school office. Reminder: Injuries that occur at school and require emergency care are the responsibility of the parent and the insurance is a bargain compared to the cost of a visit to the emergency room.


Students/Parents can deposit lunch money into the student’s lunch account via the drop box located in the school office. You can also sign up at to pay lunch money online, check on lunch account balances, and to receive notices regarding low account balances. There is no charge to check balances and to receive notices.

For the safety of all students, the district does not permit parents/ guardians to eat with students on campus during school hours (except during designated school events). Parents are permitted to take only their child off campus for lunch. Parents must come into the office to sign their students out and should be checked back in the office by the end of their lunch time. If your child is eating a home lunch, please send the lunch with your child in the morning.

Lunches are ordered from the District’s Central Kitchen. ALL LUNCHES MUST BE ORDERED BY 9:00 AM DAILY. If your child will be arriving after 9:00 a.m., please call our office at 228-3280 and provide us with your child’s name and room number. EXTRA LUNCHES ARE NOT ORDERED. This is for those students who qualify for the free and reduced lunch program as well.

Student Breakfast (includes milk) $1.00

Student Lunch (includes milk) $2.25

Student Milk $0.40

Student Juice $0.40


Please complete the application found in this packet and return it to your child’s teacher or to the office directly. Even if you feel your children are not eligible for the free or reduced meals, we ask that you complete and return the application as the parameters change every year. Remember, the guidelines may not be as stringent as you think they are. Only one application per family is necessary. Include the name of each child who attends San Marino on the application. Make sure to list each member in the household, even if they do not attend San Marino school, in the appropriate area of the form and be sure to sign the application. New applications must be completed each year and are not automatically renewed.

Applications are available in the office if your situation changes during the year. Applications may be processed at any time. Please ask the office staff if your household income changes during the year, even if it is a temporary change, as many families qualify on unemployment.


If it is necessary for your child to take any medication (including over the counter medications) it must be done through the Health Office. Authorized school personnel may administer medication to students, providing the following requirements are met:

1. The office must have a Parent Release and a Doctor’s Request on file. These forms are available in the office.

2. The medication must be in a container prepared by the pharmacy with your child’s name, doctor’s name, medication, dosage, and time of administering clearly indicated.

3. Medication will only be administered during regular school hours, never before or after school.

4. The child will be responsible for reporting to the Health Office at the specified times to receive and take medication (school personnel will cooperate in every way and will help the child remember, but will not be held responsible if the dosage is missed.)

Note: the school has a Health Clerk on staff from 9:00a.m.-2:30p.m. If your child requires medication on a daily basis please contact the office.


Many notices are sent home during the year. Please check your child’s backpack or homework folder nightly.


We invite and encourage two-way communication between home and school. If you wish to speak with your child’s teacher, please call the school office to leave a message or email them directly. Office personnel will assist you in contacting the teacher to establish a conference time. Teachers are not able to accept phone calls in their room during the school day as they are teaching students during the day. Parent Conferences should be scheduled in advance. Please do not go to classrooms to meet with teachers before or after school without an appointment as they have many obligations and scheduled meetings to attend.


Please call the school office to leave a message for your children ONLY in the most EXTREME emergencies. The office staff will take your message or route into voice mail to the teacher prior to recess and lunch times. Teachers are unable to pick up their messages at other times and we cannot interrupt instructional time to deliver messages.


Per state Ed Code, instruction in physical education shall be provided for a total period of time of not less than 200 minutes each 10 school days. (Education Code 51210, 51223)

Temporary Exemptions: A temporary exemption from physical education can be granted if a student is ill or injured and a modified program to meet his/her needs cannot be provided. Please provide a doctor's note to verify illness as well as the duration of the exemption.


Students are not to arrive at school before 7:50am, unless they are participating in the breakfast program, in which they may arrive at 7:30am. There is no supervision on the school grounds before 7:50am, and the grounds are not open for play. There is no supervision of students 15 minutes after dismissal time. Students are to go directly home from school. Children dismissed at the end of the primary day schedule may not wait for siblings or friends dismissed at the upper level schedule. Day care is available if you are unable to meet your child after school. Call 228-3153 for information.


We place extreme importance on your child’s safety. Monthly drills are practiced throughout the year for staff and students. We ask that parents make sure that their children observe safety practices outside school such as: taking safe routes to and from school, walking to and from school with a friend, observing bicycle safety, leaving skates and skateboards at home, refraining from talking to strangers, and not going to a friend’s home without permission. Students and parents are not to walk through the parking lot. They are to walk around the parking lot, following the sidewalk.


Students are not to bring personal articles such as: playground equipment, games, toys, radios, etc. to school unless they receive permission from their teacher in advance. No items are to be given, sold, or traded at school. All items, including jackets and sweaters, should be marked with your child’s name so that misplaced items can be found. Please check for lost clothing in the lost and found located in the multipurpose room. Make sure your child understands they may not share food with other students. They may not be aware of their dietary constraints.


We encourage you to schedule medical and health appointments outside of the school day so that your child does not miss out on important instruction. If you need to withdraw your child from school during class time, you may do so by coming to the office and signing your child out of school. For the safety of students, no students will be released from the classrooms, only from the office. Please arrive early enough to allow your child to be called from the classroom. Check with your child’s teacher for PE and Media Center times. Students may not be able to return to their classrooms to retrieve homework or their backpacks during out of class activities.


If you are planning to move to a new location, please notify the school office one week in advance so that we may prepare pertinent information. Please leave the next school of enrollment name, complete address, and telephone number if available.


We welcome and encourage visits by parents and guardians to our classrooms. If you wish to visit your child’s classroom, please make an appointment with your child’s teacher in advance. For security and safety reasons, we ask that you sign in at the school office and that you limit your visit to no more than 30 minutes, once per week.


Volunteers are an important part of our school and are always welcome. Volunteers can be help with activities and tasks in the classroom, office, or at home. In order to volunteer in a classroom or work directly with students, parents/ guardians must first complete a Volunteer Application Form (available in our school office and online). The application is forwarded to our District Office for clearance. Please note: You may not volunteer in the classroom until your form has been approved and returned from our District Office, which could take 10 or more days for processing. Always check in at the school office before going to the classroom so we may issue you a Volunteer Identification Badge and have you sign in. We appreciate your cooperation in complying with these guidelines. With your assistance, we will be better able to monitor visitors who pass through our entrance gates and to provide a more secure school for our students. Please review these procedures with your children.


The Centralia School District has a policy of zero tolerance for weapons of any kind on any campus in our school district. The District also has a Zero Tolerance Policy for weapon replicas and other dangerous objects. If a student brings a firearm to school or any school-sponsored function, the student will automatically be suspended and recommended to the Board of Trustees for expulsion.

Students are also prohibited from bringing knives, explosives, imitation firearms, or other dangerous objects, including but not limited to cutting and puncturing devices or incendiary devices to a school or a school-sponsored function. If a student is found to be in possession of any of these, a suspension will be imposed and the student may be expelled or transferred from their assigned school. Other consequences may also be imposed by the school district in accordance with education code provisions.

The law is very clear regarding weapons and dangerous instruments in schools. The District’s policy shall be followed if a student of any age brings a firearm, knife, explosive, imitation firearm or other dangerous object to school. The safety of all students is our number one priority.

The staff and students who attend San Marino School appreciate your cooperation in complying with these guidelines. With your assistance, we will be better able to monitor visitors who pass through our entrance gates and to provide a more secure school for our students. Please review these procedures with your children.